Demirtaş Message had blocked

ANKARA – HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) caucus had executed without co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş ,Figen Yüksekdağ also parliament authorities didn’t let visitors participate to HDP caucus .HDP spokesperson Ayhan Bilgen had made statement in the caucus in second meeting without their co-chairs.

Demirtaş Message had blocked

Group deputy chair Çağla Demirel had reacted to preclusion of the visitors before spokesperson Ayhan Bilgen statement. According to Demirel parliament authorities blocked off visitors included representatives of sealed associations. Demirel also mentioned that imprisoned co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş message for caucus had banned by prison authority.
After Demirel open speech spokesperson Baluken went up rostrum.
Bilgen statement:

“ They think that if they ban our co-chair’s letter the party would not to execute the caucus. We are going to keep to speak even if stay one person. Authorities didn’t let visitors participate our meeting by reason of chanted of last week. Shortly before other parties caucus’ visitors chanted as well but there was no any blocking against them.We will see who is going to lose. But actually we know who is losing now : This country is losing because of this unlawful policies.

Constitutional Court Decree: Deputies can not jailed pending trial

Responsibilities of co-chairs and deputies are still resuming. Everybody remembers that there is a leading case, which had been decreed by the constitutional court says “Deputies cannot jailed pending trial.” . But the court authorities ignore this leading case.

“They are closing associations to cover up Adıyaman Scandal”

Even representatives of sealed associations can’t enter the parliament. Associations those have been working in hard conditions were sealed. There is no even a single official complaint but hundreds associations had closed. Included benevolent and children associations.But obviously seems they closed these associations to cover up Karaman and Adıyaman scandals.

President Erdoğan says “ OHAL is not problem at all. People get on with their work.”. But he knows tens of thousand people have no job to go.

“There is no curfew in Şırnak anymore nor streets”

Curfew had removed in Şırnak but there is no street anymore. They say people are returning to their home but there is no home anymore. They have destroyed most of Şırnak constructions.